Adult Ministries

Small Group Ministry

Small groups are gatherings of 6-12 people for the purpose of discipleship, mutual encouragement, outreach, service, or a combination of these things. The goal of each group is to allow God’s Word to transform us:  both as a community and as individuals who learn to live out what it means to love God and love others.

While each individual is directly accountable to God and responsible to develop a personal relationship with Him, believers are also adopted into a family–the church. Small groups represent one of three primary areas of the Christian’s life in a local church:

Celebration – worship consistently with the entire body as a large group

Service – using your personal gifts, talents, and abilities in a ministry area with excellence and devotion

Maturity – meeting regularly with other believers who will encourage, challenge, and hold each other accountable

Weekly Meetings:

When: Various times throughout the week
Where: The small groups meet in individual homes

Prayer Fellowship

This is a weekly informal prayer and praise ministry that is open to everyone in the church from the very young to the oldest including whole family units. During this time we bathe our church, its members, friends, and missionaries in prayer. We review previous prayer requests to see how God has answered. “Prayer Partners,” which appears in our bulletin each week, has its origins from this prayer group.

When: Wednesday evenings 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Where: DiBiase home – contact the church office for details

Discovery Class

Once a person enters God’s family through Christ, the journey has just begun. This series of classes is designed to help you discover: 1) where you are in your spiritual journey, 2) how God has uniquely designed you through gifts, temperament, & communication style, and 3) how you may begin serving in the Church.

When:  various times
Where:  at the church

Starting Point

If you have been attending Hazlet Bible for a while, OR you are considering joining our fellowship, OR you are a member . . . you need to come!! This Four-Week Adult Class will help you to understand our purpose, ministry structure, view of Christ’s authority, and what it means to be a part of this faith community.

When:  twice a year – to be announced
Where:  at the church